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Radical Generosity

a Year + of

Radical Giving to our local community

We want to thank God for using us in such a way that He is glorified.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts” —Zechariah. 4:6

       Begining in  2018, we took "a  leap of faith" in sync with a member's inspired spiritual vision. To give sacrificially from our hearts, led by the Spirit, employing a donated trust fund, and inspiring us to go forth in faith, trust,  and service to our community. This, over and beyond our annual giving to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (U.M.C.O.R.), Global Ministries, Relief Funds, Scholarships, The UMC  Children's Home, our apportionment, and other local charities supported by the Broadway U.M.W. ( United Methodist Women). It was a wonderful, blessing, and much appreciated,  connection to our community, as well as an inspiration to us all!

City of Orlando firefighters celebrate receiving the donation of lifesaving fido bags with special masks to protect animals from smoke inhalation during rescue from fires,  from the members of Broadway UMC.  Presented by Devon Weber after Pastor Wallace and Broadway UMC members pray and bless our firefighters and continued service to our community. 

City of Orlando Fire Department

Our mission at House of Hope is to restore hope, love, honor and structure in the home through Christ-centered principles and prayer ministry.

We offer Residential and Counseling services to youth and Counseling services to youth and their families. We rely upon private donations and the grace of God to serve in this manner. Please visit our website. 


Jan Bruggerman accepting the donation from Val Mobley after Pastor Wallace and Broadway UMC members pray and bless House of Hope 

Community Health Center  "Reach Out & Read" program

Support for Parents, grandparents, guardians, older siblings,

and caretakers

"80% of a child's brain is formed before they reach the age 3"

"We’re here for you so you can be there for them. Parents are their child’s first teacher and there are a lot of unknowns in the world right now. We remain committed to supporting families with young children and our resource library can help you learn more about reading with the children in your life, including tackling some of today’s tough conversations about racial bias, equity, inclusion & the changes resulting from the pandemic. It’s vital that children benefit from reading and other language-rich experiences starting at birth. Reading together furthers language acquisition, promotes brain development, and provides an opportunity for families to build powerful, lasting bonds."  according to the Reach Out & Read website 

1440x1000-web-photo-template reach out &

Dr. Patel 

accepts the donation Broadway UMC  after Pastor Wallace and Broadway UMC members pray and bless Community Health Centers Reach Out & Read Program.

* School-age children receive a free book with every doctor's visit

The Lord has blessed Florida Prison Ministries to such an extent that we have been asked to teach others. We have been all over the country teaching what the Lord has shown us to do. This ministry has reached throughout North America and beyond.

Testimonials are on u-tube and news media.

FLUMC Bishop's Initiative -FSU Wesley Foundation Building_Prison Ministry at Lowell Correctional 

Programs include:

Transitional Housing

L.A.M.B.  Love a Mother's Baby

Pen-Pal Program

Bible Lesson's


Prison Aftercare Housing for Men


Regeneration Fellowship Newsletter

Involvement of  local churches


Covenant House _ over 20 years providing shelter & support for homeless youth in Florida; the most vulnerable of the homeless. 

Housing:  provides the tri-county area (Orange, Osceola, and Seminole) limited options for young people experiencing homelessness.

Community Services:

Youth may drop-in for dignity items such as a nutritious bag lunch, hygiene products, and information about all of the services that CHF has to offer. These youth receive encouragement to enroll in case management services that help youth create a stable environment.

Street Outreach Program has two outreach case managers who travel through Central Florida and provide case management, meals, hygiene items, transportation passes, supportive services, and housing referrals to youth they meet who are experiencing homelessness. They also provide Education, Employment Assistance, Parenting, and Child development classes.

Ann Lee accepting the donation from Val Mobley after blessing and prayer from Pastor Wallace for the continuing service of Covenant House to homeless youth.


Father Rudi Cleare accepting the donation from the people of Broadway UMC presented by Val Mobley

Val Mobley Father Rudi Cleare Negro Spir

We recognized God's Greyts in December with a donation and the uplifting Dickens Carolers who sang Christmas carols.

God's Greyts - Greyhound Adoption

After these dogs are used in racing events over time, they are in dire need of care. This non Profit program houses them and provides nutrition and medical attention in foster care after they have been retired. Funding goes to buy supplies to help these amazing animals get back on their feet and find the right home.  They give back tenfold sharing the many  God-given gifts with which they have been blessed. They are guide dogs, emotional support dogs, transitional healing dogs, and more.


" Greyhounds teach us about love and forgiveness. In spite of what happens to them on occasion after their racing careers, they become wonderful family pets. It is the nature of these dogs to give until their hearts run out. This loyalty and devotion give us hope for humanity."

Retinal Education

Genetic Testing



The urgent mission of the Foundation Fighting Blindness is to drive the research that will provide preventions, treatments, and cures for people affected by retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, Usher syndrome, and the entire spectrum of retinal degenerative diseases. The Foundation is a beacon for those affected by these blinding diseases. Join the fight and help us accelerate our mission.

Foundation for Blindness Dan Day Preside

Dan Day President accepting the donation from Val Mobley

“Paris to Pittsburgh shines a light on the many forgotten communities and people who have been affected by climate change in our country, as well as solutions for how we can fight back and reduce our carbon footprint."

                                                                                                    _Rachel Brosnahan

We are happy to be part of this poignant and powerful documentary, via film viewing event at Broadway UMC. We admire the action taken with this project to create this informative film. Monetary support donated to Tree of Life Synagogue - Pittsburg, PA who is also in support of this ground zero effort.  We continue to need meaningful change. 

The film was provided to members and the community and a donation was made to the church in Pittsburg/


Warren Willis Camp Pioneer

     Camp Pioneer is designed for persons who are developmentally disabled, 18 years and older, ambulatory, able to provide basic self-care, and who possess independent living skills. The campers take part in a variety of experiences while at Camp. There are opportunities to learn about God and God’s love through the chapel, Bible study, and community activities. Hiking, crafts, swimming, and other outdoor activities are also part of the camp experience. Camp staff focus on individual learning and recreational opportunities appropriate for each camper.

Summer Camp Scholarship for a Camp Pioneer participant provided. This was truly a blessing to the camper who made a thank you display for Broadway UMC members of her many crafts made at Camp Pioneer. A treasured experience of the spirit. 


Society of St Andrews

         America’s Oldest and Largest Gleaning Organization Reduce Waste, End Hunger.

           The Society of St. Andrew brings people together to harvest and share healthy food, reduce food waste,

            and build caring communities by offering nourishment to hungry neighbors.

Hungry cant sleep St Andrews.png
Barbara Sayles St Andrews 2.jpg
IMG-St Andrew RG Blessing.jpg
Barbara Sayles St Andrews.jpg

Barbara Sales accepting the donation from Val Mobley after blessing and prayer for Society for St Andrews

Hope & Help of Central Florida

Josh Myers accepting the donation from Ken Hughes &

Val Mobley after blessing and prayer for Hope & Help.


HIV Medical Care

Hepatitis C Medical Care

Ryan White Case Management

HIV/STI Testing and Treatment

PrEP and PEP

PrEP Plus

Transgender Health Care

Medication Assistance

Transportation Assistance

Food Assistance

Support Groups

Disease prevention protection

" Taking action

against HIV/AIDS"

     Inspired by Broadway UMC & Opera Orlando's

                         "Word on Broadway"

             Scholarships and Donations awarded

        in loving memory of our own, Richard Owens

Broadway UMC donated

1) Music Education Scholarship Awarded to the Eastman School of Music

​to Conner Mc Whirter

a student of Richard Owens

2) Music Theater Support Fund, Inc. 

a Richard Owens  Charity


The Word on Broadway was an all-faith concert series. Every concert in the series,  free. Everyone  welcomed! Concerts  held at Broadway UMC in Orlando

 The donation presented by

Pastor Rodney Wallace. 




The Center _Orlando

Services Provided

Free Mental Health Counseling online every day

Free STI _Hepititus C_  HIV  testing  daily

Free Addition & Recovery  Zoom Virtual  Meetings

Free Virtual Immigration Clinic by appt

Notary service

Free Career Planning

Free Youth Chat virtual space

Free Older & Wisser virtual Meetings 

Free Narcan Educational video ( Prevent Opioid overdose)

Child Gender Identity & Caregiver Support Group

                  age 7-12  Zoom Virtual 

The Center_Orlando.jpg

The Center _Orlando

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